Be A Well Being / Toddler Milk / Superfoods

The Idea

Be A Well Being is an idea that empowers everyday Australians to reach an achievable goal – simply being well. It isn’t just a brand idea, but a refreshingly honest long-term philosophy applied to all aspects of their business.

In early 2016 Blackmores launched a range of superfoods – the campaign inspires Australians to get the extra nature boost of natural nutrients into their day enabling them to be better versions of themselves. Following this Blackmores launched a campaign for Toddler Milk, which was built around letting mums know that the brand she knows and trusts now supports her with toddler nutrition.

The Results

The results have been staggering – Blackmores sales have gone through the roof, and their share price since we launched the campaign has risen 354% from $47.68 to $211.56.