Case Study 1

Telstra Brand 3.0 - Thrive On

This is a story about the biggest brand launch of the year, repositioning Telstra from a telecommunications company to a technology company.

Telstra’s vision is to become a world-class technology company that empowers people to connect. In order to deliver on its vision, the Telstra brand needed to reflect the business they wanted to become.

We needed to create a brand positioning and an organizing idea for the business that was routed in ‘connection’ but expanded the Telstra story to include the amazing technology that Telstra brings to its customers through software, smart integrated networks and its innovations in new markets like energy and health.

We embarked on an extensive and exhaustive ‘discovery, test and learn process’, over nine months. The result was a new brand positioning that captures the essence of what we as humans are designed and aspire to do. It recognizes that people have unbelievable potential and can achieve amazing things. And it promises that Telstra will deliver whatever you need to help you or your business realise its potential. To move forward. To progress. To thrive.

Telstra’s new brand positioning is ‘Telstra creates better ways to empower everyone to thrive in a connected world’.

The brand idea is built on a simple but powerful insight – we take for granted the incredible technology, in our pockets, on our desks and in our homes. We’ve grown complacent.

The campaign celebrates the magic of technology and what it makes possible and shows how Telstra empowers you to turn your imaginings, ambitions and dreams into a reality through the possibilities of technology.

The launch campaign was developed around Telstra’s hero proof points that demonstrate how Telstra technology is helping people and businesses thrive.

Seven hero ‘better way’ stories feature what Telstra makes possible now, which include Readycare – Australia’s first telemedicine service, LANES – dedicated bandwidth & priority access for emergency services, and Telstra AIR – Australia’s largest WIFI network, and what they are working to develop in the future such as AR/VR Entertainment & experiences.

A 90sec Film established Telstra’s belief in the power of technology and its magical ability to help people Thrive.

Digital and social content delved deeper into the scenarios shown in the 90sec film, explaining the hero Telstra proof points.

A PR/editorial approach in magazines, newspapers and online publishers such as Pedestrian, further explained Telstra technology, showing how people can benefit from innovations like Connected Homes, Smart Stadiums and Telstra Air.

All Telstra brand touch points reflected the new campaign and evolved brand identify (designed by Interbrand) – from catalogues to in store POS, interactive displays in Telstra’s flagship stores in Sydney and Melbourne, stadium screens, local area marketing, Telstra’s website and blog exchange and more.

The brand launch campaign was developed at the same time as a new Network, Government and Enterprise and Olympics campaign – creating, for the first time in recent history, a united Telstra brand.

The campaign only launched two weeks ago but the initial tracking results have exceeded expectations.

  • 2.7M+ views on Facebook and Twitter
  • Pre roll and Facebook completion rates are above industry benchmarks 17% (vs 4%)
  • Brand tracking has exceeded average Telstra benchmarks in the first 2 weeks and the campaign has generated over 34 pieces of earned media.
  • Highest completion rates on mobile that Facebook has ever seen
  • The brand ad achieved an average of 13.43 seconds of completed viewing – well above the category average (7 seconds)
  • 78% of overall reach was through mobile, all creative was optimised for mobile first viewing