Race For Hungry Thirsty

Case Study

Online Film

With news feeds forever filling with baby pics and shameless selfies, we needed to come up with an idea to break the platform… and people’s minds. So when it came to determining what the newest flavour of OAK Milk would be, we put the decision at the fingertips of our fans in the world’s first facebook reaction powered race.

To make racing history, we constructed a purpose-built racetrack, turned carton packs into cars, developed software to convert Facebook reactions into trigger pulls (to power the cars around the track) and hired sports commentators to host the 30-minute live race.

Keyboards were broken, flavoured milk spilt and inevitably one flavour ultimately won by popular demand – OAK Blue Heaven. Selling out in its first week, making it the highest-selling flavour launch ever for OAK Milk.