Most Decisive Game

The Idea

We needed a way to launch OAK Strong Iced Coffee to a hard-to-reach millennial audience – aka young people who have better things to do than watch ads.

With many of them being avid old-school gamers, we decided to launch it by creating The Most Decisive Game Ever, an 8-bit game designed to find the least hungrythirsty person in Australia by weeding out the weak and indecisive over 10 levels of increasingly impossible challenges.

Players got just one life per day. Once a player lost – proving they were suffering from hungrythirsty, a state of weak indecision – he or she was prompted to go and buy an OAK Strong Iced Coffee. To get another life, players had to share the game across social media or wait until 3 p.m. the following day.

Using promoted Facebook posts we teased and announced the game. Fans who wanted to play could do so through their mobile browser without ever having to download an app as the game was designed and optimised to be mobile first.

The weekly winners received a fridge full of OAK Strong Iced Coffee, and at the end of the campaign, the four weekly winners faced off to win the ultimate prize: a limited edition, gold-plated OAK Championship Ring – the obvious prize choice for a male teen demographic.

As it turns out teenage boys like games and blinged-out rings more than we thought.

The Results

  • Mobile traffic accounted for over 65% of traffic.
  • FWA mobile site of the day.
  • The most successful new product launch in OAK history.
  • Over 30,000 players spent an average of 3 minutes playing the game and struggled to get past level 4, even after we made it easier for them.
  • The game was so hard it was even compared to Dark Souls (if you’re a serious gamer you’ll know what that means).
  • Over 30% players returned to the game over the campaign period.
  • We had a share completion rate of over 15%, which delivered around $3k in attributed goals to the campaign.
  • We had visitors from over 100 countries play the Most Decisive Game Ever but in the end the prize was won by a home grown Aussie who played about 25 times before claiming his prize.
  • The entire game was built and designed in just 3 weeks.
  • Awwwards Special Mention.
  • CSS Design Awards Special Kudos.



P.S. you won’t win.

Here's a video of the all the levels that you'll never get to play, unless you drink some OAK.