Interactive Online Platform

Case study


The new Qantas Dreamliner 787-9 is the most technically advanced aircraft of its type in the world. To match this, we created an online presence that took web technology to its limits.

Our objective was to launch an innovative new online platform that focuses on interactivity and delivers an experience that is reflective of the pioneering spirit of the Dreamliner.


We aimed to develop a website that puts the user at the heart of the experience, whilst maintaining the integrity and modernity of the new Dreamliner 787-9 and the Qantas brand.

We started with a mobile first approach to design and UX in order to make sure that the experience was exceptional on all screens and devices. We then focused on content delivery in uniquely different ways, whether it was video, 3D interactions, crafted articles or social media integration.

By keeping the user at the heart of our strategy it allowed us to develop a website with technologically advanced interactions that are simple to understand.


Focusing on a user first experience, we used WebGL to create a fully-interactive version of the Qantas Dreamliner that worked across browsers, handsets and platforms, without the need for plug-ins.

In doing so, we created an immersive experience where users could explore the plane and its features in 360° and animated 3D all from the palm of their hand.

The site changes from day to night in real time, depending on where the user is by using the geolocation of their mobile device or browser to add a layer of personalisation to an already interactive and rich experience.

We even allowed users take to the aircraft for a spin and “fly” it using their handset. All they have to do is pair their handset with the desktop website via a unique URL and they can become a pilot for a day. The experience allowed us to build on our already engaged user base and create a first for any Australian travel website.

By focusing on our users and developing a mobile first user interface we gave the most advanced plane of its type a website and mobile site to match, proving that pushing the boundaries of technology can really take you further.


120k unique visitors on the first day

An average of 3 minutes per visitor

Five pages per visit

Bounce rate of just 26%