All I Need

This is a story of how an Australian bank took a provocative position by encouraging people to live a bigger, happier life by ‘borrowing less and living more’.

Move over the ‘Joneses’, most Australians borrow money like they’re trying to keep up with the Packers. Following decades of relatively unbroken economic growth, living expectations are inflated and we’re living beyond our means.

Australians are now working harder than ever, to own more than ever, and yet sadly it isn’t making us happier.  Australians own the biggest houses in the world and mortgage debt is the number one cause of financial stress.

The ALL I NEED PROJECT was more than an advertising campaign. It was a content led campaign, including a documentary that ran on national broadcast TV. A program that challenged Australians to think about ‘needs vs wants’ and how much they’re borrowing in the context of broader life priorities.

All I Need

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