Real Estate Tips from the Terminally ill

Real Estate Tips From The Terminally Ill, is a 2-minute film that inspires all Australians to re-think our unhealthy obsession with property ownership at all costs. To change our hard-wired behaviour required a voice guaranteed to get our attention, and force us to sit up and listen. To achieve this, we sought the unique clarity and wisdom of six Australians facing the end of their lives.

Each spokesperson shares insightful thoughts based on their new perspective on life, each convincing us to prioritise the things that really matter, over the futile pursuit of bricks and mortar.

Casting was central to Real Estate Tips From The Terminally Ill. And, the most challenging aspect of the production. It was a project that involved many unique sensitivities and required thinking beyond the traditional casting process.

The key to the success of the casting (and, indeed, the entire project) was forming a partnership with Palliative Care, Australia. PCA initially contacted their network of doctors, who approached individual patients to find willing candidates. A shortlist of talent was then referred back, via PCA, to the production team, for a telephone interview.

PCA were also able to provide invaluable insights on how to build the production around the needs and sensibilities of the talent.